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Gift Registry at Rolly's

Register at Rolly's! 

We love helping moms-to-be find just what they need for their registry. If you’d like to set up a registry for yourself, stop by the store and we would love to help you get started!

Looking for someone’s registry? 

Below is our list of moms-to-be that are registered at Rolly’s. If you’re interested in someone’s registry, give us a call at 336.722.6713, and we can help you select the perfect gift right over the phone. We also offer shipping, delivery, or pick-up at the store. And all gifts are wrapped beautifully, complimentary of course.
January: February:
Allison Storey
Surprise Baby due January 10
Emily Watson
Baby Boy due February 21
March: April:
Carolyn Thomas
Baby Boy due March 13
Vivian Janos Karanikas
Baby Boy due April
April Nunley
Baby Boy due April 21
Alyssa Welch
Baby Boy due March 14
Ashley Schmohl
Baby Girl due April 29
Morgan Cooper
Baby Girl due April 18
May: June:
Adele Roberts Tucker
Baby Girl due May 26
Caroline Cogdill
Baby Girl due June 9
Maria Kastanis
Baby Boy due May 26
Marie & Ben Rush
Baby Girl due June 26
Maggie Kingman
Baby Girl due June 15
July: August:
Mary Grantham
Baby Boy due July 24
Hannah Jarvis
Baby Girl due July 16
Sommer Coalson
Baby Girl due August15
Jasmine Plott & Robert Price
Baby Boy due August 21
Anne & Travis Whitfield
Baby Girl due August 28
September: October:
November: December:
Emma Gockowski
Baby Girl due November 1
Carter Moore
Surprise Baby due November 15
Ashton McCurry
Baby Boys due around Thanksgiving